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True education seeks a continuum between the efforts made by the child, the parents and the school. Since the experiences of the school and the home are equally significant for the development of all children, KGRPS encourages harmonious interaction in thinking and approach between the caretakers at home and in school.
Parent - Teacher meeting is conducted twice in a year in the middle of the session (when the parents come to collect the report cards of their wards) to discuss the beneficial points and the drawbacks of the students with the parents. Records of the same are maintained in a record book. The suggestions are looked into and modifications wherever required are inculcated for further improvement. Parents of academically weak and/or of students with unsteady disciplinary conduct, who fail to attend Parent - Teacher meetings, will be deemed to be not interested in their ward’s education. The school welcomes constructive suggestions and ideas from all parents to make their children's development more meaningful and real.


Parents are encouraged to play an active role in the education of their children as it is a dual responsibility shared with the School. Since education is a tripartite process involving the teacher, students and parents, the constructive suggestions of parents are always encouraged. A child's success in school depends very much on the coordial relationship and co-operation between the school and parents.

Below mentioned cooperation is demanded by school authorities from parents side: -
1. Parents should consider it their duty to give sufficient time and attention to their children and help them daily in their studies at home.
2. Check the School Diary of your child daily and read the instructions given by the teachers. Contact the Class Teacher immediately and fulfill the shortcomings of your child as mentioned in the school diary.
3. Check up daily the articles/belongings/school bag of your child on his/her return to home. If anything is missing or there is something extra other than his belongings (articles/notebooks/books etc), inform the school as well as return the same to School’s Principal very next day.
4. Students are not allowed to take tuitions from teachers teaching them.
5. Parents should make it a point to attend the Parents-Teachers Meeting positively as Parents come to know the exact overall position of their child in the class and proper direction can be given at proper time to the child for their better future.
6. Write the Telephone Numbers of Residence, Mobile Numbers etc. on the School Diary as it is beneficial for the school authorities in case of emergency.
7. Respect for person, property and environment should be emphasized and inculcated in the children.
8. It is vitally important for Parents that change in residential address and telephone numbers are communicated in writing to the school office immediately as they occur. Parents must feel it as their duty to intimate the school regarding any change in the Contact number, Address etc at the proper time. If not informed, the school authorities will not be responsible for lack of any communication to parents.

9. Parents should sign the progress reports, answer scripts and other documents whenever needed. The parent must not refuse to sign on report cards and should not tore off the Answer Sheets or Report Cards but also should pay attention at proper time for the studies of their child. Such activities creates an adverse psychological effect on child.
10. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing punctuality, regularity, truthfulness and discipline in their child and take keen interest in whatever the school does for the harmonious development of their children.
11. Parents are not at all permitted to meet their child and interview teachers during class hours without the permission of the Principal to avoid the hindrance in the classroom.
12. In case of ten consecutive days absence from the school without any intimation to school authorities, the name will be struck off from the rolls, and the parents shall be totally responsible for that.
13. The absence of your child from the school even for a single day is viewed with concern and the child should not be encouraged to miss the school to attend some functions at home unless very - very urgent, as studies are more important than the functions.
14. As the medium of instruction is English, the children should be helped & en- -couraged to have a certain amount of regular conversation in this language at home as well as in the school campus.

15. Besides the Parents-Teacher Meeting, parents are expected to attend to the instructions given through the diary or special notes and come to school when so required.

16. For leave, a letter duly signed must be sent by the parents and in case of absence on the medical ground, a medical certificate from the authorized Doctor must be supplied to the school at the time of the joining.
17. The parents should ensure that their child is going to school in well maintained, clean and proper uniform as it reflects the care of parents towards their child.
18. Ensure that your ward makes up for the work missed by him/her during absence/leave with the guidance of the teachers and parents. It is the duty of parents & not of teachers to get the work completed in time.

19. Criticism of a child’s teacher or his school in his presence should be strictly avoided. Psychologically it causes the student to lose his/her respect for the teacher/school with the consequent failure to learn from him/her.
20. As far as possible, once the child has come to school, he/she should not be asked to come on half day or leave in between any period. In any emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal. It is better if you do not send your children to school on such days.
21. Parents must inform the Principal in writing before one month of Final Examinations, in case their wards would not be rejoining this school due to some reasons in the next academic session. If they fail to do so the school-leaving certificate will only be issued after charging all the annual dues.

22. Private tuitions are strongly discouraged as it hampers the progress and lacks self-confidence in the child. If parents find that child is weak, it should be brought to the notice of Principal so that proper attention and extra time may be provided to the child. But totally neglecting your child at home and leaving on the hands of Teachers and Principal only can never make your child to progress in better way. Moreover students must be encouraged to do their daily work diligently and honestly.
23. Parents are expected not to enter the classrooms during the school hours & discuss any matter with any teacher or student as the study of the entire class is stalled.


You can be proud of your child If you care for him/her.

Parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents, so cordial relation is very essential.
1. Always pay the fee and other dues at proper time and avoid humiliation to the child.
2. Appointments with doctors, must not be taken during school hours.
3. Books, tiffins, articles etc. will not be delivered to the children from parents or anyone during class hours.
4. The school management, principal and staff will not be held responsible in any way for any unforeseen catastrophe or mishap that may occur to the student in the school premises during the school hours or while going back home by school bus or any other vehicle.
5. Sick students should not be sent to school.
6. Encourage your child to make a time - table for home study and recreation.
7. Make your child responsible for household chores like straightening up his room, setting the table etc. It develops a sense of responsibility.
8. Notebooks should be well covered with transparent polythene covers labeled with name, roll no., class, section and subject. Roll number should be stuck in right hand side upper corner of note book.
9. Television can be fun and can help your child to learn. Television viewing should be planned regularly according to the programmes meant for children. Principal/Teacher can only guide the students but cannot force the child without your help to avoid extra viewing of TV programmes.
10. If parents send any person for bringing their child to home from school, it becomes the first duty of the parents to inform the school authorities in time so that the same individual may be allowed to carry the child to home. Without information, the individual send by parents even will not at all be allowed to carry the child to home. It shall be entirely the responbility of the parents. Do not give the mobile phones (with & without camera) to students for the school campus at any cost. This is strictly ban in the school premises. If found the same shall be impounded in the office and no excuse shall be listened to at later stage.
11. Parents should not hesitate to talk with teachers and if any shortcoming of the child is pointed out by teacher, parents must try to remove the same before it is too late. Mere by getting the admission in the school does not itself gives the assurity of getting good marks. The habit of Hard Work must be inculcated by parent also.
Personal care towards your child is really a matter of great attention.

No Excuse from Parents Side shall be entertained at later stage regarding Expulsion of Students for violation of School Rules at any cost.

It is compulsory for the Parents to come to school for the collection of report cards of the Terminal Examinations.
No report card shall be handed over to students.

Parents who fail to attend the Parents-Teachers Meeting will be deemed to be not interested in their ward’s Education and as this is pernicious
to the school in general and the student in particular, the ward of such parents may be asked to discontinue the school.