King George Royal Public School

No leave of absence is granted except for serious reasons and only on the previous written applications duly signed by the parents/guardians. No leave applications without parents signature shall be taken into consideration under any conditions and will be counted as fine. No one can take leave without the prior permission of the principal.

1. No student who has been absent on the previous day will be allowed to sit in the class without a letter/note from the parent addressed to the Class Teacher stating the reason for absence.
2. If a pupil is likely to be absent for a long period, the Principal must be informed in writing before taking leave.
3. Absentees without applications have to pay Rs 5/- per day. If a student remains absent from the school for more than ten consecutive days without having leave sanctioned, his name will be struck off from the school and readmission (if granted) in the exceptional cases will be done on the payment of the readmission fee.
4. In case of long illness and absence from the Examination due to illness, the leave application must be accompanied by a medical certificate from Govt. Hospital indicating his/her fitness and rest if advice by the Doctor.
5. All pupils are expected to attend class on the reopening day after holidays. Those without prior leave will be fined at the rate of Rs 10/- per day. Those absent because of illness must inform the school before or on the re – opening day and present a medical certificate before they are admitted to class.
6. The students of the board classes will not be granted any leave after 15th January as it is the time of revision. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the student and due fine shall be charged. Due leave shall be permitted by the Principal if desired by the parents. Absenteeism will be fined Rs. 10/- per day.
7. Those students absent from school during any of the tests will be fined at the rate of Rs 25/- per test. The student of Board classes if found absent from Pre - Board Examination will be fined Rs. 50/- per paper.
8. If a student is unable to attend the school for a day or more, the parents should make an entry in the School Diary on the day the student returns to school.




Self - discipline is an integral tool for the development of personality. School has profound faith in self - discipline as it believes that discipline is essential in all walks of life. The measures outlined are of 'self-help' variety and serve to inculcate awareness. The following are the general rules and regulations to be obeyed by the students during and after the school hours:-
1. A student involved in any incident even outside the school which brings discredit to the institution either because of unpleasant nature, found gambling, using drugs or any intoxicant or found smoking, or chewing tobacco etc or inviting criminal or legal action by police or the court will be dismissed from the school without any further inquiry. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct outside the school even (which may bring a awful name for the school) will make the student liable to disciplinary action or even dismissal. No request/excuse from parents side shall be entertained at the later stage.
2. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in studies, disobedience, dishonesty, eve teasing, insubordination or any other conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school is sufficient reason for rustication or even dismissal.
3. The school dairy must be brought daily to school.
4. The name, standard and section of the pupil should clearly marked on his/her belongings.
5. Motorcycle/Scooty {All two wheelers} are strictly not allowed in the school.
6. Students from Nursery to 5th class have a compulsion to bring water bottle.
7. Students are to come to school neatly and cleanly attired in the school uniform with shoes well polished. Those who come to school improperly dressed, may be excluded from the classroom or even sent home and that will be the responsibility of the parents.
8. Students are not permitted to wear ornaments for school nor use valuable wristwatches or stationery. Parents are advised to please take a note of this, as school will not be responsible for valuable things or books/note books that are lost or impounded.
9. No discrimination should be made on religion, culture and caste.
10. Students are also advised not to bring large sum of money or valuable articles to school. Wristwatches are not allowed to the students except examinations days. Fancy/Ornamental hairdos/clips are not allowed.
11. Running, whistling, using abusive language, shouting and rowdy behaviour that causes the hindrance in the classes and hurt to the modesty of others is forbidden.
12. In the absence of the teacher, students are required to observe silence and obey the monitor of the class. However monitors are not permitted to inflict corporal punishment.
13. Damage to the school property including laboratory equipments, benches, etc must be made good. Damage caused even by accident must be promptly reported to the class teacher or Principal. It is the responsibility of all to safeguard the school property.
14. English, which is the medium of instruction should normally be used on school premises both in and out of class. No student is allowed to use the local language and if a student is found talking in local language will be fined duly.
15. No student is allowed to bring musical watch, ipod, ipad, Pen Drives, CD’s, Data Cards, FM, mobile phones (with camera & without camera) magazines, person pictures, periodicals, audiotapes, video games, CD’s, cameras or any costly material. If found it shall be impounded in the school office and shall not be refunded without written warning to students in the first instance with a fine of Rs. 100/- and that too with the compliance of parents and once only. Pupils are not allowed to bring Objectionable Literature.
16. Willful breach of any of the regulations pertaining to the conduct of the examinations is punishable with the expulsion from the examinations or, if subsequently discovered, with cancellation of the papers. Any tampering with the reports (forging, signature and changing the marks) will result in the parents being compelled to withdraw the student from the school.
17. Students who come to school in their own transport, should arrive at school five to ten minutes before the bell is rung. Late comers will be fined.
18. School is not responsible for any incident concerning its students outside the school campus.
19. Students are required to behave politely and avoid use of indecent language or action injurious to the feelings of fellow students, teachers, women or others in the school. Any such behaviour indicative of hurting other’s caste or community will attract serious disciplinary action or even dismissal.
20. Staying away from mandatory School Functions, including Annual Day, Sports Day, Children Day etc without prior permission and/or justification will be considered as disciplinary default.
21. Serious violation of the rules, regulations and the discipline of the school is penaltiable including removal or expulsion from the school. Such action will normally follow a written warning to allow rectification and improvement in conduct.
22. Students must be punctual at the beginning of the day, for all subject classes and activities. Attendance at morning assembly is compulsory. Students will be given only two warnings for being late to the school. Student late for the third time will be sent home and considered absent.
23. If a student is found indulging in ragging (Ragging means any type of physical or mental torture done by an individual or group either by words or by conduct directly or indirectly), the school authority shall expel the guilty student from the school as H.P.Govt. has declared ragging as cognizable offence & can attract fine, imprisonment or both including expulsion from the school.
24. No sharp item (like knife, needle, blade, scissors etc) should be carried to the school.
25. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours, including recess, without the written permission of the Principal/Concerned Incharge. If any student found out of the school premises during the school hours and if any student has come to school from his home and not reported to school (absent from school), the same may be treated seriously and strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the student which may include the dismissal of the student. No excuse shall be entertained from the student’s side as well as from parents side at the later stage at any cost.

School rules and regulations contained herein are subject to alteration and revision whenever required.

No Excuse from Parents Side shall be entertained at later
stage regarding Expulsion of Students for violation of
School Rules at any cost.