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Excursions and Educational trips are the means by which we can acquire knowledge at first hand. 

The school arranges visits to places of interest once a year as it provides an all round development and experience to the students for total development of their personality. 

Educational tours, Excursions and picnics are once organized during the academic year. 

The students of junior classes are also taken to short picnic of one day. 

The school authorities, management and staff will not be held responsible for any unforeseen catastrophe during the picnics tours or excursions. 

For tours and excursions, the parents are to leave and receive their wards to the school and from the school personally.

Tours and excursions is not compulsory for all students but acceptance of parents is necessary for the students willing to go for the tours and excursions. No separate meeting shall be called for it.

Work Experience is a part of Educational Programme. It helps children in getting closer to the community and make them aware of their social commitment and develops in them respect for manual work. It makes them to realize the principles involved in various forms of work. This provides them the opportunity to create a sense of economic security in public.

Emphasis is given on various activities under Work Experience such as: -

(1) Knitting  (2) Gardening  (3) Fabric Painting  (4) Music  (5) Indian Folk Dance  (6) Art  (7) Computer Science etc.  (8) Awareness Programmes & Rally’s........